101 Packed Lunches
Pack epic lunches kids will love, all year long!

The internet is full of ideas and plenty of advice but you never end up making them -so there's that.  

There has to be a better way to get kids to eat different foods and a simpler way to pack them!  And there is.  

This isn't just an eBook filled with 101 recipes, it's a full resource with photos, recipe videos, and packing tips to make sure everything stays fresh until lunchtime. 

It's also perfect for older kids to become more kitchen-independent and establish better lunchtime eating habits.  

And if you need to pack food for work? You'll love these too and save on eating out. #winning

Download this ebook for endless epic lunches you can pack any day of the week.
What's Included

101 Full recipes, beyond the sandwich! 

Including: Bentos, cold lunches, finger foods, thermos lunches, soups, meals, salads, wraps, and more! 

Kid-friendly recipes that adults can eat too. 

Photos in each recipe. 

Lots of recipe videos (great for teens to learn to cook!) 

BONUS Lunch Packing Guide: how to keep your meals fresh, everything about containers, and tips to prep ahead.

Simple lunches everyone will love? YES PLEASE!

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Is 101 Packed Lunches Right for Me? 

One of the biggest pain points for parents in my community is making daily lunches both nutritious and exciting to eat. 

One of the best things about this eBook is the variety of recipes; so there's something for everyone guaranteed. 101 Packed Lunches is full of photos, making it easy to scroll through, pick a couple favorites for the week, and get packing! 


A nutritious lunch can be made simple and fast when you have a variety of recipes to pick from.

Hi! I'm Laura, the founder of MOMables, a mom to 3 kids, and a 5-times published cookbook Author. 


Since 2011, my meal plan members have been able to subscribe to a weekly lunch plan because the "what should I pack for lunch" was a major pain point. 


Now that our family meal plans only feature dinner, this eBook includes everyone's favorite recipes that I'm sure will become a huge hit with your family too! 


Happy lunch making, 



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