Chicken. It's What's for Dinner
70 Delicious Chicken Dinners Your Whole Family Will Love.

If chicken is your go-to meal builder, you're going to love the recipes inside this book! 
Made with simple, real ingredients, there's a recipe to answer the "what should I make for dinner tonight?" any night of the week. 
From marinades, soups, slow cooker meals, one-pot wonders, sheet pan dinners, and more, the recipes inside are delicious and kid-approved.

What Chicken Recipes Will You Find Inside?
Chicken Recipes Can Be Exciting

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with chicken. We love how versatile of an ingredient it is, how easy it can be to cook, and how many kid-favorite meals include it. 


The downside: it can often turn out dry and flavorless. 


Unless, you use the recipes in this book! They've all been created and tested hundreds of times and many include a how-to video so there are no surprises come dinner time. 


Whether you cook chicken once, twice, or more, you'll be able to access new delicious recipes that combined with basic, real-food and easy-to-find ingredients will create family-pleasing meals.

Also Inside the eBook

Cooking videos & photos in every recipe

Picky eater approved recipes

The best cuts of chicken & how to buy it

How to prevent dry chicken

Drool-worthy marinades

Interactive and clickable PDF

Organized by cooking method & type

Organized & Easy to Follow Recipes

With millions of recipes for chicken on the internet, half the battle is figuring out which ones to make while wondering if it will turn out good.  

After having 5 cookbooks published, writing easy-to-follow recipes is now second nature, which is why I know the recipes inside the eBook will turn out great every time. 


Plus, as you can see, there's a photo in every recipe and a how-to video!

eBook FAQ's
  • How do I get my ebook?
    After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with your download link.

    The email will come from

    If you are using PayPal, the email will be sent to the email you used to log into your account to complete the purchase -which isn't always your primary email.
  • How Many Recipes Inside?
    There are 70 recipes inside the Chicken. It's What's For Dinner eBook.

  • What Type of Ingredients are Used?
    The ingredients inside are easily found at most grocery stores, regardless of where you live. There's no need to search for them in specialty stores and I'm most certain you're purchasing them already to make your family's favorite meals.

    Whether you purchase all organic, conventional, or a mix of both, you choose the best ingredients available to you that fit your family's budget.
  • How Many Servings Per Recipe?
    The recipes inside the eBook are family-sized recipes, typically yielding 4-6 servings.

  • Are the Recipes Hard to Make?
    Whether you're learning to cook or are an experienced chef, the recipes inside the eBook are simple and include easy to follow directions.

    Additionally, there's always a video inside where you can click, watch, and see how the recipe is made. This eliminates surprises and helps delegate meal making to a teen or spouse.
  • What Cuts of Chicken Are Used?
    Many of the recipes inside the eBook are made with chicken breast and chicken thighs. Others include a whole chicken and drumsticks.

    Inside the book, you'll learn how to cook perfectly juicy chicken, how to prep, thaw, and freeze as well as how to swap one cut for another.

    Some recipes call for chicken that's already cooked, like from a rotisserie chicken or a whole roasted chicken. Whether you purchase it already cooked from the store or cook it yourself (with the recipe inside), that's for you to decide and no one else to judge.

    In short, if you like chicken, you're going to love this book.
  • Food Allergies FAQs
    Most of the recipes inside can easily be adapted for a gluten-free diet by using gluten-free ingredients such as gluten-free pasta, for example.

    The recipes can be adjusted for a dairy-free diet if you're already purchasing a dairy-free alternative for milk and cheese. This is not a dairy-free eBook. However, with the amount of recipes inside, you will find that most are suitable for your dietary needs.

    Eggs are used in a couple of recipes in this chicken eBook.

    You should not have any issues making any recipe nut-free by either omitting the nuts or swapping out the peanut butter (in one recipe) with a nut-free alternative.

    Soy Allergies
    Soy sauce is the only form of soy we have in our ingredients. You can substitute it with coconut aminos or omit it.
  • Is Nutritional Information Included?
    Currently, there's no nutritional information inside this eBook. I'm working on it, however, and when it's updated, you'll receive an email with the updated version -at no cost to you, of course.

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