Delicious, Family Dinners Made Easy!

Learn how thousands of families are eating delicious real food meals thanks to simple kid-friendly recipes, a done-for-you meal-prep guide, and completed shopping list.


You want to make real-food meals for your family but "thinking" of the meals to make every day is time consuming, it's hard to please everyone, and most days, at the end of the day, you're too tired to cook!

Wouldn't it be nice if someone did all the "thinking" for you, tested recipes, and just gave you a list of delicious meals to make? 
I totally get it because as a full-time working parent to 3 kids, I too suffer from kitchen overwhelm. 
For this reason, I put together a sample meal plan -the same one I use for my family- a shopping list, and how I save time in the kitchen with smaller meal-prep steps.


Inside the weekly plan you'll find:

Printable weekly meal plan

5 family-friendly recipes

Completed shopping list

Weekly meal-prep sheet

Cooking videos

Allergy substitutions (when applicable)

Time saving tips

The recipes inside the Weekly Family Meal Plan Sample are made with easy-to-find, real-food ingredients that are budget friendly. 


Most importantly, they'll help you get a meal on the table without having to "figure out" what to make! 


94% of the parents in our community say that they want to cook homemade meals made with real food ingredients BUT they are busy! 


So, they end up making the same meals because they don’t know how to save time in the kitchen and get organized.


With this sample plan, you'll make delicious meals similar to these:

Here's What You'll Find Inside

Everyone talks about how "meal planning" is essential if you want to feed your family good food. 


With the weekly family meal plan you'll get, you'll learn how thousands of families are doing just that! 


Making delicious family meals should not be complicated. Wouldn't it be nice if you had tested recipes on hand every week? 


Make sure to download your free weekly meal plan because your meals are about to get the variety and nutrition your family needs! 


And, I'd like to help you get started!

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Hi! I'm Laura,  
The mom behind MOMables, a website that has helped more than 20 million parents take the stress out of mealtimes with simple and delicious family-friendly weekly meal plans since 2011. 
I believe that recipes should be delicious, tested many times, and kept simple so busy parents, like you and I, can feel good about the foods we eat. 
Today, I'd like to share with you how I cook family-friendly meals each week, by sharing exactly what our Family Meal Plan Members receive. 
You'll get dinner recipes, a weekly meal pan, a time-saving meal-prep sheet, and a done-for-you shopping list! 
Check out how it's done!