Grain-Free Meal Plan
4-Weeks of Family Dinners!

Enjoy delicious kid-friendly grain-free recipes organized into a simple meal plan.

Leave the "what's for dinner?" planning to us. 

Inside our 30-Day Grain-Free Meal Plan you'll find everything you need to make real-food meals fast!

Organized Meal Plans

4-Weeks of Dinner recipes with easy-to-find ingredients.

Shopping List 

4 done-for-you shopping lists make shopping a breeze.

Detailed Meal Prep

Save time with our tested meal-prep short-cuts.


With millions of recipes available on the internet, it's time consuming to through them, put together a shopping list, and then figure out what can be made ahead to save time. 
Take a break from this by letting us do the heavy lifting with the Grain-Free Dinner Plan. We take care of the recipe testing, meal plan organizing, and shopping list creation. 
Everything you need to make the next 30 days of grain-free meals a breeze is inside this one-time download meal plan.

A done-for-you solution? A DREAM

After your one-time purchase you'll immediately receive your PDF files which include: 

4-week meal plan, including all recipes

Ingredient "swaps" for added flexibility

Completed shopping lists

Time-saving tips

Weekly meal-prep sheets

Daily make-ahead tips


If you're looking to eat a variety of grain-free meals made with fresh and simple ingredients that taste great, this meal plan is for you. 
It's for anyone that feels like they are eating the same grain-free/paleo recipes regularly. 
At MOMables, we've been creating family meal plans since 2011, and felt it was important to help our members enjoy grain-free meals again. 
After publishing my third cookbook in 2016, The Best Grain-Free Family Meals on the Planet, many of my members wanted the best of both worlds: recipes they loved and the organization from our weekly plans. 
This 30-day grain-free meal plan was created to help some of our members transition into a grain-free or paleo eating style, eliminate gluten-and grains out of their diet, and most importantly: make one meal the whole family can enjoy. 
The Grain-Free Meal Plan layout includes everything our members love about our regular membership: the done-for-you shopping, the meal-prep sheets, and family-friendly recipes.

  • Food Allergy FAQ's
    ALL recipes inside the grain-free meal plan are free of gluten -and grains.

    There are a couple of recipes that have dairy. This will always be optional.

    Eggs are used as a protein option in this meal plan.

    You should not have any issues making this meal plan nut-free.
  • Purchase FAQ's
    After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with your download link.

    The email will come from

    There are no refunds for this instant-download product. We suggest you to email if you have any questions prior to your purchase.

    This is a one-time purchase and will not be billed again for this product.
  • Ingredient FAQ's
    Let's talk beans. While beans and legumes are technically grain-free, the recipes in this meal plan are not bean-based. There is one recipe containing beans that can be omitted.

    What if I don't like a recipe?
    You can simply omit it. Make a recipe your family enjoys.

    Is there seafood in this grain-free plan?
    There are two recipes with shrimp in Volume 1 of the Grain-Free Meal Plan.

    Do the recipes use "fake meat" products? They do not. Instead, the protein sources come from animal proteins (beef, pork, chicken, eggs, shrimp).

    Do you use soy products? There is one recipe that calls for coconut aminos or soy-sauce.
  • Recipe Servings: 4
    The recipes in the meal plans serve 4 people.

    You can double or halve the size of nearly all recipes.
  • Meal Plan FAQs
    What type of recipes are in the meal plans?
    Dinner recipes include skillet meals, sheet pan meals, and slow-cooker meals.
    A stove, an oven, and a slow-cooker, is all you need to cook the recipes.

    Do I need special equipment?
    No. You do not need fancy food processors or mixers. We're confident that you already have everything you need to make these recipes.

Great question. Here is what you need to know:

HAVING A PLAN WILL SAVE YOU TIME. The 1-2 hours a week spent searching for recipes you'll rarely make, selecting the recipes with similar ingredients, making a list... boom, DONE.

HAVING A PLAN SAVES YOU MONEY. The last thing you want to do is get home and figure out what's for dinner. Or worse, ordering ready-made meals online that cost $8-$10 per serving and you still have to cook. With a meal plan, you can buy in bulk and be prepared.

PERFECT FOR BUSY FAMILIES. For days when we get home late it's nice to have a meal waiting for you in the slow-cooker. And with our meal prep sheet, you can get the next meal ready on night's you have a few minutes to spare.

HELPS YOU EAT MORE NUTRITIOUS FOODS. When you have a plan, you make healthier eating choices. With our meal plan, you'll eat a variety of foods throughout the week, and not the same meals week after week.

ELIMINATE FOOD WASTE. Did you know that up 40% of most family's food ends up in the trash? The best way to cut down on food waste is with a meal plan. This is both better for the environment and your wallet -especially since ingredients for a grain-free lifestyle don't include inexpensive fillers like rice, pasta, and bread!


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