30-Day Meatless Meal Plan
for the whole family!

Enjoy kid-friendly, delicious meatless recipes designed for the non-vegetarian family. 

The 4-Week meal plan is organized and easy to follow and will help you save money at the grocery store, by purchasing no meat for a month! 


After your one-time purchase, you'll immediately receive your PDF files which include: 

(4) Weekly meal plans

Easy to follow recipes

(4) Completed shopping lists

Time-saving tips

(4) Weekly meal-prep sheets

Daily make-ahead tips


With millions of meatless recipes available on the internet, it's time consuming to go through them, put together a shopping list, and then figure out what can be prepped ahead to save time. 


Take a break from this by letting us do the heavy lifting with the Meatless Dinner Plan. This plan is specifically for non-vegetarian families that want to eat more plant-rich meals. We take care of the recipe testing, meal plan organizing, and shopping list creation. 


Everything you need to make the next 4 weeks of meatless meals a breeze is inside this one-time download meal plan.

A done-for-you solution?


If you're looking to eat a variety of meatless meals made with fresh and simple ingredients that taste great, this meal plan is for you. 
It was specifically created for non-vegetarian families who wanted to incorporate more plant-rich meals without having special ingredients on hand. 
It's for anyone that feels like they are eating the same meatless recipes regularly. 
At MOMables, we've been creating family meal plans since 2011, and felt it was important to help our members enjoy meatless meals again. 
While the recipes inside the Classic Meal Plan include meatless recipes, our members wanted a 30-day "challenge" to help their kids learn to enjoy veggies. 
This meatless meal plan was created to help them introduce more veggies into their kids meals in an organized, easy-to-follow plan. 
The Meatless Meal Plan layout includes everything our members love about our regular membership: the done-for-you shopping, the meal-prep sheets, and family-friendly recipes.

  • Vegetarian or VEGAN Plan?
    This meal plan contains no meat in any of the recipes, so it's 100% suitable for vegetarians.

    Some recipes contain dairy like milk or cheese which you can omit or, easily substitute for dairy-free alternatives.

    For protein this meal plan contains eggs so the meal plan is not suitable for vegans.
  • Purchase FAQs
    After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with your download link.

    The email will come from help@momables.com.

    There are no refunds for this instant-download product. We suggest you to email help@momables.com if you have any questions prior to your purchase.

    This is a one-time purchase and will not be billed again for this product.
  • Ingredient FAQ's
    Canned beans: if you don't use canned beans, you can "swap" the canned beans for traditionally cooked beans. We're sure you're already doing this.

    What if I don't like a recipe?
    You can simply omit it. Make a recipe your family enjoys.

    Is there seafood in this meatless meal plan?
    No. There is no seafood in this meal plan.

    Do the recipes use "fake meat" products? They do not. Instead, the protein sources come from vegetables, whole-grains, beans and legumes, and eggs.

    One stir-fry recipe calls for tofu, which can be omitted or substituted with beans.

    Do you use soy products? There is one recipe that calls for soy-sauce and tofu in the stir-fry ingredients; both of which can be substituted with an alternative protein and using coconut aminos.
  • Recipe Servings: 4
    The recipes in the meal plans serve 4 people.

    You can double or halve the size of nearly all recipes.
  • Food Allergy FAQ's
    Most of the recipes inside the vegetarian meal plan are either naturally gluten-free or easy to make with a gluten-free ingredients such as gluten-free bread or pasta, for example.

    The recipes are easy to adjust for a dairy-free diet if you're already purchasing a dairy-free alternative for milk and cheese. This is not a dairy-free plan.

    Eggs are used as a protein option in this meal plan.

    You should not have any issues making this meal plan nut-free.
  • Meal Specific FAQs
    What type of recipes are in the meal plans?
    Dinner recipes include skillet meals, sheet pan meals, and slow-cooker meals.
    A stove, an oven, and a slow-cooker, is all you need to cook the recipes.

    Do I need special equipment?
    No. You do not need fancy food processors or mixers. We're confident that you already have everything you need to make these recipes.
  • Food Allergies FAQs
    Most of the recipes inside can easily be adapted for a gluten-free diet by using gluten-free ingredients such as gluten-free pasta, for example.

    The recipes can be adjusted for a dairy-free diet if you're already purchasing a dairy-free alternative for milk and cheese. This is not a dairy-free eBook. However, with the amount of recipes inside, you will find that most are suitable for your dietary needs.

    Eggs are used in a couple of recipes in this chicken eBook.

    You should not have any issues making any recipe nut-free by either omitting the nuts or swapping out the peanut butter (in one recipe) with a nut-free alternative.

    Soy Allergies
    Soy sauce is the only form of soy we have in our ingredients. You can substitute it with coconut aminos or omit it.
  • Is Nutritional Information Included?
    Currently, there's no nutritional information inside this eBook. I'm working on it, however, and when it's updated, you'll receive an email with the updated version -at no cost to you, of course.


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Hi! I'm Laura, the founder of MOMables and Laurafuentes.com where I've been creating recipes and meal plans since 2011 and have helped more than 20 million parents take the stress out of mealtimes.


I believe recipes should be delicious, tested many times, and kept simple so busy parents, like you and I can feel good about the foods we eat! 
Today, I'd like to share with you some of my family's and reader favorite meatless recipes of all time in a downloadable format you can cook from again and again. 


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